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Over 90 years TRIFA - Quality since 1929
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Our lamps are subject to constant tests. Internally and externally it is monitored that the values meet the international and our requirements.

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Over 90 years TRIFA

A local and global success story

With its wide range of products, Trifa offers exactly the vehicle lamp for your needs.
For example, the efficient SUPER LONG LIFE, with a service life that is three times longer and having an outstanding cost-benefit factor; or the high-performance PRIME +90 %, which delivers up to 90 % more light on the street.
Many of our vehicle and commercial vehicle lamps are now available in popular, robust blister single or twin packs.
Here, too, we keep up to date and adapt to current market needs.

TRIFA LAMPS GERMANY GmbH is part of Suprajit Group
which comprises of Suprajit Engineering Limited,
Suprajit Automotive Limited, Suprajit Europe Limited,
and Phoenix Lamps Limited. The group is a global leader
in the automotive cable industry.

Over 90 years TRIFA
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