Tested Quality

Various measurements are carried out in our test laboratory:

- Light measurements

Measurements of photometrical and electrical values of automotive lamps according to ECE-R 37 and DIN 72601 with the help of a computer-assisted measurement device from OPTRONIK

- Dimensional measurements

Measurement of the position and dimensions of inner and outer components of automotive lamps according to ECE-R37 and DIN 72601
Measurement of lamps caps and gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety according to DIN EN 60061 (IEC 61)
Contactless linear measurements with a precision of 1/100 mm at lengths up to 150 mm

- Vibration tests

Narrow band vibration test – wideband vibration test
Standard tests according to DIN EN 60810 table B1 and B2
Further tests possible on request
Computer-assisted vibration test equipment from TIRA