Market and applications


We have more than 85 years experience in the production and in the sale of automotive lamps.

We are partners of the automotive industry and well-known lamp and headlamp manufacturers.

We deliver our products to all 5 continents, to more than 80 countries.

In our logistic center in Annweiler we currently employ 27 employees.

Our test laboratory for light measurements is attached to our logistic center.

We sell bulbs for every location on your vehicle:

- Headlamp
- Flasher lamp
- Dashboard
- Cabin
- Boot
- License plate lamp
- Tail lamp
- Position lamp


and others as well as for each application:

- More light (+30%, +50% as well as + 90%)
- Longer life time (up to double or even triple life time compared to the standard)
- Off-Road application (Heavy Duty as well as High Wattage bulbs)
- Bad weather conditions (Season – especially for areas with a lot of rain, fog or snow)